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When Rob Met Nora ...

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When Harry Met Sally director Rob Reiner remembers their collaboration: I wanted to make a movie about what men and women go through. I had been single for 10 years, and was making an utter mess of my personal life. I always figured I would have to have a female voice for it, and what better than the most brilliant, incisive, observant female voice in America?

The first thing Nora did was interview me. She was the ultimate reporter. Sally became an extension of Nora, and Harry was like an extension of me. There was no better observer on that dance that men and women do with each other. But whatever she said was never just funny; it carried real threads of profound truths.

Every day we would have lunch while she was writing it. And Nora was the single best person ever to eat with. Not only was she this funny, intelligent conversationalist, but she also orchestrated what you were gonna eat. And she was always right! She had this way of ordering things that made it come out better than even the chef imagined. I said, “Nora, we’ve got to put this in the movie!” When you see Sally ordering things, that is Nora. I would just order a number 3, but Nora wanted it the way she wanted. [The deli scene with Sally] faking the orgasm was Nora’s idea. I said, “Really? I can’t believe that’s true. I would know if that happened.” She said, “No, you wouldn’t.” I did a casual poll around the office, and all the women said yes, at one point or another they had [faked it]. I was shocked. I mean, all of them?

The best times I can remember are dinner at her house. She made it beautiful. Anyone who knew Nora is going to miss that. She was, as they say, a truly great hang.