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What's the Funniest Thing That Happened to You Lately?

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“I was lying in bed with my daughter, we had both been doing press for our movies, and she said, ‘Daddy, what would have happened if my movie beat your movie?’ I giggled. She said, ‘Why is that funny?’ She wants to beat me badly.”


“I was at a drive-thru and I ordered my food, paid the lady and then drove off—without my food. I got all the way home before realizing it. I went back and they were laughing at me. They thought I was such an idiot.”


“Wearing my price tag on my Stella McCartney, while I was getting my picture taken.”


“Having toothpaste on my forehead when I got out of the car at an event.”


“My dog getting stuck on our roof yesterday. He’s just a little guy, and he kind of slipped through the window.”