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What Was Your Worst Vacation Experience?

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“My family was driving to South Carolina from New Jersey when I was a kid. I insisted on getting a [king-size] bag of Reese’s Pieces and ate the whole bag. I threw up in the van, and we still had another 12 hours to go.”


“I was in Croatia on a sailboat. We had no map. It was nighttime, and we had no light and no life preservers. We were in the middle of the ocean. I thought we were going to die.”


“In Mexico. It didn’t work out: The place wasn’t right, the food wasn’t right, the stomach wasn’t right.”


“A Vegas vacation. I feel like there is something inherently naughty about that town. It’s remarkable what can happen within an hour.”


“My dad is a little bit like Clark Griswold. He would make everybody have fun, and when you’re 10, you’re too cool for your family. I just wanted to wear board shorts and be somewhere hot.”