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What They Can Do for You

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Damien Fahey

AGE: 24

OCCUPATION: Hosts MTV’S daily Total Request Live. The Massachusetts-bred music nut can’t dance—”I have no moves, I’m a train wreck”—but would happily load a girlfriend’s iPod with the following:

1. “SEXUAL HEALING,” Ben Harper.

“He does an amazing cover of the Marvin Gaye song, which speaks for itself.”

2. Any old tune from back in the day by Led Zeppelin. “She can listen when she’s driving.”

3. “GOING BACK TO CALI,” Notorious B.I.G. “For working out.”

4. “CRUSH,” Dave Matthews Band. “To express how I feel for her.”

5. “FREE LOVE HIGHWAY,” Ricky Gervais, from The Office, BBC TV. “It’s a comedy thing I’d put on to make her laugh.”

6. “SHATTERED DREAMS,” Johnny Hates Jazz. “A good ’80s tune.”

7. Any song by Bob Marley. “Seeing as the weather is getting warmer, reggae would be good.”

8. “99 PROBLEMS,” Jay-Z. “It’s one of Jay’s best songs lyrically.”

9. “I’LL MAKE LOVE TO YOU,” Boys 2 Men. “Self-explanatory.”

10. “FALLEN,” Sarah McLachlan. “Really nice.”


Eduardo Xol

AGE: 39

OCCUPATION: He’s the landscape designer on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and owner of a landscape design firm in L.A.

Take baby steps, he advises: “If you live in a house with a huge piece of land, don’t lay grass everywhere. Plant grass in some areas and put down pebbles and rocks and mulch in others. Get comfortable with a small environment and go from there. If you only have a terrace or even just a window box, start herbs in pots. Basil, rosemary, thyme are all easy to care for. You want to develop a comfort level.”


Dave Lieberman

AGE: 25

OCCUPATION: A 2003 Yale grad, he’s a personal chef and host of the Food Network’s Good Deal with Dave Lieberman

“I like to keep a romantic meal light because you never know if you’re going to need to be light on your feet later on. So nothing too carb-heavy, creamy or wintry.”

Antipasto di Casa

“Prosciutto, mixed olives, red peppers and cheeses are really colorful and impressive and super easy.”

Mussels in a Tomato-Basil Broth

“Mussels are great date food, and with a nice tomato sauce and crusty rustic bread, you’ve got yourself a satisfying main course. They’re sexy too, of course.”

Mini Fudgey Chocolate Cakes

“Chocolate makes you feel good. The ooey-gooeyness of these is decadent.”

•For these recipes from Dave’s cookbook Young & Hungry, log onto


Michael George

AGE: 42

OCCUPATION: Personal trainer in L.A. (Reese Witherspoon, Tobey Maguire and Julianne Moore are clients)

He’ll have you “working a couple of muscle groups in one exercise—a shoulder press with alternate lunges or a glute kickback with a tricep kickback,” he says. “You’ll get a complete workout in less than 10 minutes a day. It’s what I do for my celebrity clients too. For someone I’m training and dating, she’d work with me three to four days a week. Then she can do some cardio exercises for homework. But if she’s my girlfriend, she doesn’t have to do her homework unless she really wants to!”