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December 02, 2009 12:00 PM

Kris Jenner & The Kardashian girls

Kris, 53, and daughters (by first husband Robert Kardashian) Kourtney, 30, Kim, 28, and Khloe, 25

Kim: When my mom was a stewardess, all the girls would take this beauty class at Saks Fifth Avenue. The main thing she learned was to use a hot washcloth to take off your makeup. She drilled us on that!

Kris: To this day I still use that hot washcloth. I also started my girls really young on being moisturized.

Kourtney: In fourth grade my mom taught me how to shave. She bought Kim and me matching sterling silver razors with little matching stands. And she would take us to get our arms waxed.

Kris: She called me from college once and told me she was giving bikini waxes to her friends!

Khloe: Mom always tells us how beautiful we are. She embraces our differences and tried not to make us cookie-cutter kids.

Kris: One thing I’ve learned from my girls is how to be age-appropriate. It’s easy for me to forget that I’m 50 and a mom!

Cybill Shepherd & Clementine Ford

Cybill, 59, and her oldest daughter, Clementine, 30, with ex-husband David Ford

Clementine: When do you think I’m beautiful? Say, “All the time.”

Cybil: I know all the time, but I just want to say something…

Clementine: Meaningful?

Cybill: Yes, meaningful! Thank you for completing my sentences. Clementine was just always staggeringly beautiful.

Clementine: Growing up, the message was, “No matter what you look like, you’re beautiful.” I have pictures of when I was 6, wearing cowboy boots with a frilly pink dress, and my hair all a mess. That was just how I got dressed.

Cybill: When I wore Reeboks with my sleeveless black velvet gown [to the 1985 Emmy Awards], everyone was going, “No, Cybill, don’t do it!” But I felt half the women there were envious. They resented that they were torturing themselves!

Clementine: Some of us like to torture ourselves with beautiful shoes!

Cybill: At a certain point in a woman’s life, she has to choose between beautiful feet or beautiful shoes.

Clementine: I went with shoes. She went with feet!

Jane Seymour & Katie Flynn

Jane, 58, and her actress daughter (with ex-husband David Flynn) Katie, 27

Jane: I never imagined Katie would be an actress [she has appeared on The Office and in small films like Wake and Blind Dating], but I’m in awe of her talent. And she’s not playing on her beauty. In fact I don’t think she realizes she is beautiful.

Katie: I was always such a tomboy I didn’t think about it! I used to visit my mom in the makeup department of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and I’d want to learn how to do effects-makeup to look like I had a black eye rather than play with lipsticks.

Jane: She’s always been low-key. She refuses to buy clothes. She’ll have one pair of jeans and one handbag and wait till it literally dies and everyone begs her to give it a burial.

Katie: But we’re a similar size so I just borrow my mom’s clothes! I do have a girlie side, and I like period things, like a ’40s dress with history to it. My mom has a lot of unique, special pieces.

Jane: I actually buy things for myself that I think she should wear, then just wait for her to discover them.

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