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Wentworth Miller / Candace Parker

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Wentworth Miller

The 34-year-old star of Prison Break reveals the downside of having a shorn identity.

I’ve been shaving my head on and off for years, but for a low-maintenance look, it takes a lot of maintenance—I have to cut it twice a week!”

Candace Parker

The 6’4″, 21-year-old sophomore led the University of Tennessee basketball team to the 2007 NCAA championship.

“My hair—no doubt about it. I like braids, and I have a thing about messy braids, so I get them done about once a month—it takes about four hours.”

“The hairs along my hairline—I call them baby hairs. I have a little baby toothbrush, and before I go anywhere, I put some gel on the toothbrush and smooth down the baby hairs. The other girls make fun of me for it, but I don’t care.”

“Some players wear makeup to games, but I can’t because I’m always wiping my face. That would be very un-beautiful! I do make sure my hair is done and that my baby hairs are gelled down! But I don’t really worry about how I look when I am playing. You’re thinking about winning, and winning is a beautiful thing!”