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We Won't Go on the Road Without...

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“We’ve got so much hairstyling stuff, we’re like women. We get highlights, and I straighten my hair, so when it starts getting brittle, you’ve got to do some conditioning treatments”

“We have a 45-in. Sony flat-screen TV built into the side of the bus. We go outside, watch college football and grill out”

“We have a PlayStation and games like Madden NFL ’08 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’08. I have a big-time passion for golf, so I probably take it more seriously than they do”

“We try to do the healthy option as much as possible, but we’re all guilty of eating junk food sometimes. There’s a lot of beef jerky—and Cheetos and Baked Lays go really well with a sandwich”

“Our bus has everything the three of us need—we wanted to make it as comfortable as possible”