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We Just Had to Ask

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Who were the kids with JACK NICHOLSON?

Lorraine, 15, and Ray, 14, the star’s children with ex-love Rebecca Broussard (inset). “I’m a little overwhelmed,” said Ray of his first Oscars. They had a great view; Dad, a 12-time nominee and 3-time winner, was in his usual front-row spot.

DOLLY’S waist size: 20 inches (or so she once told Vogue, in a rare chat about her dimensions)

Is it true that honorary Oscar recipient ROBERT ALTMAN had a heart transplant?

Yes—10 years ago, he revealed at the podium for the first time. “There’s such a stigma about transplants, I just thought it was about time,” says Altman, 81, who used to worry the news would cost him jobs. “[Now], I’m good for another 40 years.”

How did Steve Carell and Will Ferrell get that look?

“We hired professionals to make us look terrible,” says Carell, who cooked up the Best Makeup gag with Ferrell—including Carell’s quip about his favorite cologne, Pineapple Bliss. His true scent of choice? “Mennen Speed Stick,” he deadpans.

What was that music during the acceptance speeches?

Producer Gil Cates added recorded music to spice up speeches—not to intimidate long-winded winners (as spoofed by Tom Hanks). Only TV viewers—not the live audience—could hear the tunes, says conductor Bill Conti.



Brokeback director ANG LEE »

(speaking in Mandarin to family and Chinese fans)

“Thanks to everyone for your love and support.”

(in Maya, the language of his upcoming film Apocalypto, during a comic sequence)

“As for me I sit in the middle of the big forest. I am thinking, ‘How is it possible for my blood to be taken again?’ As for me, I say, ‘Not me! Not me!’ ”

What were Philip Seymour Hoffman and Hilary Swank talking about?

Best Actor winner Hoffman was so busy thanking his mom, Marilyn O’Connor, that he neglected to mention his girlfriend, Mimi O’Donnell (above), with whom he has a nearly 3-year-old son. As he left the stage, Swank—who once famously forgot to thank her husband, Chad Lowe—offered consolation. “She said, ‘You can’t kick yourself over it. It happens,'” says a witness.