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Way Cool

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Back as a junior mutant with deep-freeze powers in X2: X-Men United, Shawn Ashmore is used to cold calls. “I’ll be on the street and someone will shout, ‘Hey, Iceman,’ ” says Ashmore, 23. “It’s pretty cool. No pun intended.” Ashmore—who honed his superhero chops starring on Nickelodeon’s 1998-99 series Animorphs—got his break at 10 doing toy commercials with his identical twin, Aaron, in their native Alberta. The twins, who live together in Toronto, often go after the same parts—and once, in high school, the same girl. “I teased him that I had kissed her first,” says Shawn. “That was our one big brawl.”

During X2‘s shoot, Ashmore charmed his elders. “Shawn even got me to go to a roller disco,” says costar Alan Cumming. “He’s not a great skater, but he’s a sport about having a good time.” That includes returning for a planned third X-Men flick. But while being supercool is fun for now, he says, “I don’t see an Ice Dad or Ice Grandpa in my future.”