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Watch It, Boys, the Girls Have Swiped Your Surfer Trunks, and Your Boxer Shorts Are So in They're Out

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They’re the bee’s knees, the trendiest thing for girls this summer, and you know where they get them? Boys. From Malibu to Màlaga girls are walking around in men’s surfer trunks and boxer shorts, the kind dad wears; only—this gets a little confusing—some but not all of the surfer trunks are called Jams. That’s because “Jams” is a brand name created by Hawaiian resident Dave Rochlen in 1964: Rochlen saw a photo of some Russians vacationing at the beach in what looked like pajama bottoms—this is all true—and was so inspired he chopped off a similar pair and named them after pajamas. Whatever you call them, they’re back. Jams alone, at $26 to $36 each, will sell about $30 million worth in 1986 vs. $8 million last year.

Why the long shorts craze? “They’re cheap, comfortable and different,” says Saks’s sportswear fashion director Jessica Mitchell. Some boxers are made for women and have discreet little buttons on the fly, but most girls just march up to the men’s counter and buy ’em for about $8 each. Surfer trunks are even cooler. “They’re whimsical,” says Mitchell, “a throwaway item.” Yeah? Designer David Cameron recently introduced a pair with bugle beads, priced at $3,000. Man.