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Wasting No Time

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It was only hours old, and already Michael Douglas’s elaborate new Web site ( was turning cybercoy. The site features a homey greeting (“Come on in and surf around”); plugs for Douglas’s next film, Wonder Boys; and word of his New Year’s Day engagement to actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. “You know as much as I do now,” reads the page designated “News.” That’s doubtful: On Jan. 28 the couple confirmed that Zeta-Jones is pregnant.

The pair, expected to wed this year, haven’t revealed the date of their nuptials (or when they learned of the pregnancy). Douglas, 55, who has admitted to losing 15 lbs. since meeting the never-wed Zeta-Jones in 1998, has yet to divorce first wife Diandra, 43. Separated in ’95, they’ll be officially split in a few months, says a source.

While Zeta-Jones, 30, will have to put her career on hold (“She isn’t going to be riding any horses like in The Mask of Zorro for a while,” says one of the film’s producers, David Foster), Douglas himself plans to kick back as he starts Round Two as papa. (As for his son, club deejay Cameron, 21, the Manhattan district attorney’s office last week decided not to seek an indictment against him on charges of cocaine possession following a November arrest. He awaits a plea agreement.) “The advantage now is that in my career I have nothing to prove,” Douglas said last week. “So I’m looking forward to the baby.”