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Venus Envy

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You see a friend’s husband with another woman—what do you do? Or, what do you feel the need to be perfect about? No, these aren’t topics discussed by Dr. Laura. They’re questions posed by Go Goddess!, a new Scruples-like game that encourages women to gab about sex, friendship and their own goddess potential. Launched last October by Miami pals Kelley Werner, 39, a lawyer, Elaine Berkowitz, 50, a clothing designer, and Ruth Robles, 47, a film producer, the $50 board game has been a hit at all-female parties from South Beach to Hollywood. “It’s an entertaining way to bond with your girlfriends,” says actress Shiva Rose Mc-Dermott, whose actor husband Dylan vacated their Brentwood, Calif., home when she staged a Goddess gathering. “Husbands always walk by trying to listen,” says Werner, a married mother of three. (Berkowitz is a divorced mother of two; Robies is the mother of three and divorcing.) Not that they’d know how to play. “Men ask us, ‘How do you win?’ ” Robies says. “Women intuitively understand. It’s not about winning, it’s about talking.”