People Staff
July 27, 1992 12:00 PM

UPTOWN, DOWNTOWN ALL AROUND the town, the stars of the Democratic Party orbited through party after party after party in New York City last week. But the spotlight seemed to focus on—egads!—a Republican, none other than the President’s favorite bodybuilder, Arnold Sehwarzenegger. At the Kennedy clan’s bash (the hottest ticket in town) at Gracie Mansion—official residence of Mayor David Dinkins—all eyes were on newlywed Ted an arriving hand-in-hand with 38-year-old bride Vicki, until Arnold appeared. With wife Maria Shriver, he muscled his way through a sea of ogling Democrats. Then the Running Man scooped up mother-in-law Eunice for an impromptu waltz (sans music) on the mansion’s terrace. The next night, at ex—presidential candidate George McGovern’s soiree, it was Arnold again, in search of father-in-law Sargent Shriver. By evening’s end, some wished the Arnold sideshow would just, well, terminate. Teased Gloria Steinem: “He’s supporting Bush. To hell with him!”

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