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Uma Thurman & Luke Wilson

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In the new comedy My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Uma Thurman plays a superhero who terrorizes Luke Wilson after he dumps her. Thurman, 36, and Wilson, 34, both single, talked about teaming up—and the perils of romance—with PEOPLE contributor Kelly Carter.

Did you know each other before you started filming?

WILSON: Never met. Just admired her from afar.

THURMAN: Just thought he was cute from a distance.

WILSON: I think Uma was pretty surprised how handsome I was in person. And then she found I also had a great singing voice, am a great dancer and I’m not bad in the kitchen.

Who’s the better kisser?

WILSON: Uma’s got nicer lips so immediately she’s got a head start on me.

THURMAN: I’ve got the cushy-squishy thing. It all depends on how you like it.

WILSON: I have to make up for it in other areas.

THURMAN: [laughing] The L train just keeps on chugging.

Luke, is that your nickname, “the L train”?

WILSON: That’s my nickname. Uma had a director’s chair made for me. It had an L, like on a subway. It’s cool.

Has either of you had a deranged ex?

WILSON: I did wake up one time and have an ex standing over my bed. That was kind of scary.

THURMAN: Was she on the bed standing up over you, leering over you like a freak?

WILSON: Yeah. I woke up and said something’s not right and there she was.

Uma, has anyone tried to pick you up on a New York City subway, like Luke does in the movie?

THURMAN: Never on a subway. People rarely ever try to pick me up.

WILSON: For future reference, what would be a good line for you?

THURMAN: “Hi.” I really feel for people today. I see why everybody does online dating because how do you meet people? Wouldn’t it be funny if there were a celebrity online dating service for all of the lost and lonely, socially inept, dysfunctional celebrities who have screwed up all their marriages, lost all their lovers and don’t know how to meet anybody?

WILSON: That would be pretty funny. [Mimes typing] “Would love to hook up when I get out of Betty Ford.”

Luke, what advice do you give Uma’s next leading man?

WILSON: Hands off.