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Two to Tango

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SEPT. 8, 2008


7 lbs.

7 lbs. 10 oz.

There are two very good reasons why Tony Dovolani can lift partner Susan Lucci with ease on Dancing with the Stars—and their names are Adrian and Ariana. As soon as the ballroom champ learned wife Lina, 27, was pregnant with twins in January, he hit the gym. “I was nervous,” says Dovolani, 35. “So rather than stressing, I would take it out on the weights.”

Happily, the bliss of having two healthy newborns last month has replaced all that anxiety—and exercise. The twins’ arrival into the world, at a whopping (for twins) 7 lbs. each, was “surreal,” according to Dad. “You see them breathe for the first time, and then you hold them. Those moments are precious.”

Now the whole family—which includes the couple’s daughter Luana, 3—is mesmerized by the babies. Adrian, older by 14 minutes, “is very sensitive,” says Dovolani. “He hates being changed.” Sister Ariana “is calm and chill”—and more likely to follow in her father’s footsteps: “I’m almost sure she’ll have better rhythm,” he says. Dovolani has been pleased to discover that he needn’t have worried so much. “The lack of sleep is worth it. To be blessed with one baby is wonderful,” he says. “Two is even better.”