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True Blood's Joe Manganiello: Hot Blooded

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Since joining the cast of HBO’s hit show True Blood this season as sexy werewolf Alcide, Joe Manganiello has had his share of strange fan encounters. “One woman came up with this long story about how wolf saliva can heal wounds,” says the actor, 33. “Then she asked if I could lick her.” The sudden onslaught of adoring female fans shouldn’t come as a surprise for the Pittsburgh high school football stud turned theater actor. “I had read the [Charlaine Harris] books, so I knew there was going to be nudity,” says Manganiello, who started a twice-a-day gym regimen to prep his abs-and arms-for the role. But there was one thing he overlooked: “Having actual wolves on-set with you while you have no pants on? It’s stressful!”