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Troy's Boys

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On the day that his newborn fraternal triplet boys, Riley Joseph, John Reagan and Reece Jacob, were coming home from the hospital, Cowboy Troy was off at a press conference to promote his new album Black in the Saddle. And that’s exactly how his wife, Laura, 34, wanted it. “She told me, ‘You gotta make sure this album sells because we’ve got three mouths to feed! So get out there and work,'” says Troy. But the 36-year-old first-time dad—who’s also often away on tour—makes up for his frequent absences by being a hands-on dad when he’s home. “I get up in the night and feed and change them so Laura can sleep,” he says. Troy’s even developed some tricks for soothing the trio of 4-month-olds. “Country music keeps everybody calm,” says Troy. As for their personalities: Reece Jacob is “the alarm clock—you know exactly when it’s time for him to eat,” says Troy; John Reagan (named after Troy’s best friend John Rich of Big & Rich) is “the soft-spoken one”; and Riley Joseph is “the loudest—he came out that way.” Since Troy wasn’t the least bit fazed by going from a family of two to five overnight (“I did a little dance in the doctor’s office,” he says), are even more little ones in his future? “Laura says we’re done,” says Troy. “So I guess I’ll take what she says!”