People Staff
April 03, 2006 12:00 PM

LONDON March 15-16

On a week-long tour across Europe to promote Basic Instinct 2, Stone traveled via private jet, along with more than 90 designer outfits coordinated by her sister and stylist Kelly. In Rome, Stone greeted locals (including one in a vintage look, above) and spoke about her recent trip to Israel with the Peres Center for Peace: “If you were in my fabulous designer shoes, you can see how easy it is to walk across these borders with an open heart.”

ROME March 17-18

“She seems to be getting sexier on this tour,” says Stone’s makeup artist Tricia Sawyer. When a reporter asked Stone (in Hervé Léger for Dior at the premiere) to cross her legs, she joked: “Darling, pay your 10 bucks and see for yourself like everyone else.”

MADRID March 21

PARIS March 18-20

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