People Staff
July 18, 1991 12:00 PM

Actually, he was born a day before the Fourth of July. But that does nothing to diminish what a firecracker he is. Women have always adored Cruise. When he was 6 and 7, his sisters’ friends would sit him on the kitchen sink and practice kissing him. Cruise was raised by his mother after she and his father divorced. “Having grown up with women, I tend to trust and believe women much more easily than men,” he has said. One who trusts him just as much is his Days of Thunder costar (and wife) Nicole Kidman, beneficiary of what she calls “the cutest smile in the world.” Men are not immune to his magnetism. “He is simply awesome-looking,” says Brian Grazer, coproducer of Cruise’s next movie, The Irish Story. “He projects a quality that makes the room and the surroundings vibrate. If you just met him and talked to him for 15 seconds, maybe just said hello or shook hands, you’d feel you’d had an experience.”

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