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Tom Brady: Football Player

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As the baby brother of three sisters, the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady got some early lessons in unsportsmanlike conduct. “They would dress me up,” says Brady, 24, the youngest quarterback to win a Super Bowl. “They’d have dolls around the house and make me play with them.” On the flip side, they also helped him streamline his morning routine. As sister Nancy, 26, a management recruiter, explains it, “The time he got in the bathroom was minimal.” Today, Brady’s idea of grooming is “taking showers. That’s it.” The 6’4″ former altar boy, who admits to liberal use of Carmex lip balm and Gaultier cologne, eventually got big enough to fend off the girls’ makeovers but arrived at the Patriots’ training camp in 2000 a “skinny runt,” says teammate David Nugent. Now a buff 220 lbs., Brady, who recently broke up with a girlfriend, has learned to suffer for beauty. “In the last three weeks I’ve been made up three times,” he says, noting that for one recent photo shoot, “they started putting makeup on my arms!”