Samantha Miller
July 08, 2002 12:00 PM

In the end, it didn’t take a court battle or a Jerry Springer showdown to resolve Damian Charles Hurley’s paternity—just a couple of cotton swabs. And if Elizabeth Hurley was feeling vindicated June 19, it only showed in the grin the new mom flashed reporters outside her London town-house as she hopped into a Range Rover driven by pal Elle Macpherson. “Elizabeth knew the results were a foregone conclusion,” says her spokeswoman Karin Smith. “Anyone who means anything to her believed her implicitly.”

Now—after months of contending he wasn’t so sure he was the baby’s father—Hurley’s ex-flame Stephen Bing has to believe her too. A DNA test shows the multimillionaire L.A. movie producer, who flew to England to have his inner cheek swabbed for genetic material, is indeed dad to the 4-month-old. Bing, 37, “wanted this issue dealt with as quickly as possible and is pleased with the result,” says his spokeswoman Sue Stapely. “He said all along he wanted to be involved if it was proved he was the father.”

Just how involved—and just how much Hurley and Damian might see of the real estate heir’s estimated $600 million fortune—remains to be settled. “The next steps will be conducted in private,” says Stapely, adding that Bing plans to be “a generous father.” A Hurley intimate says she “plans to set up a trust for Damian and not touch a penny of Bing’s money. She will certainly take money for her child, but it will just be for his future.”

After all, Hurley, 37, isn’t exactly scrimping for Pampers. After her April 4 C-section, she recuperated for a month at pal Elton John’s palatial mansion near Windsor before returning to her $3 million South Kensington town-house. She spent the weekend before the DNA results were announced relaxing with her sister Kate, Damian and a nanny at another friend’s villa on Spain’s Costa del Sol. “I have never seen her happier,” says a close pal. Before her pregnancy, the friend adds, “she never really liked babies. She never cooed over babies in prams. It’s opened up new horizons for her.”

One old hobby she hasn’t abandoned? Scene-stealing. In her first public appearance since giving birth, she showed off a rapidly re-slimmed figure at a London dinner on June 13 for KIDS, a children’s charity. Credit the private Pilates workouts she did from the fourth month of pregnancy until two weeks before giving birth and 20-minute jogs on a home treadmill (during which the gym-averse Hurley “swears like a trooper,” says her friend). “She kept her arms and legs toned and looked terrific, apart from the bump,” says Pilates instructor Lynne Robinson.

For Bing it’s on to paternity predicament No. 2: The child-support battle between Lisa Kerkorian and her billionaire ex-husband Kirk, who claims Bing is the biological father of their 4-year-old daughter Kira, is scheduled to go to trial July 18. Meanwhile, depositions are under way for Bing’s $1 billion privacy-invasion lawsuit against Kirk, 85, for filching dental floss from Bing’s trash for DNA testing. Don’t look for Team Bing to call Hurley as a character witness. “She doesn’t forgive very easily,” says her friend Sean Borg. “Her name was being dragged through the mud…but she’s good at coming out on top.”

Samantha Miller

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