People Staff
May 08, 2000 12:00 PM

WHAT’S AGE GOT TO DO WITH IT? JUDGING by the sexiest sexagenarian around, not a heck of a lot. She may own high heels older than some Spice Girls, but at 60, pop goddess Tina Turner is in top form. She has a new gold record, Twenty Four Seven, a nearly sold-out 50-city farewell tour and a still-ferocious stage act that makes most other singers look like Al Gore. And that’s on top of those growling good looks that have only grown more alluring with the years. “She has a beautiful nose, great cheekbones, an amazing head and a gorgeous, sexy body,” says her longtime makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin. “She’s pushing the limits for everyone.” One thing the mother of four sons (she includes former husband Ike Turner’s two boys in the count) and grandmother of two isn’t pushing is some trendy fitness routine: Turner hasn’t worked out a day in her life. “But you’ve got to consider my work,” she says. “The singing, dancing, sweating—it’s like doing aerobics for 40 years.” And while the 5’4″ native of Nutbush, Tenn., wishes she were more curvaceous (“I’m more masculine in form,” she gripes), she can still make a miniskirt proud. “She has beautiful legs and incredible energy,” says singer Cyndi Lauper, who opened for Turner on a 1997 tour. “Tina always looks stunning.” One of Turner’s secrets is the homeopathic mixture of vitamins and minerals that she takes through an IV drip about once a year (she says she’s allergic to the coating on pills). “And I’ve never done drugs and never smoked,” she adds. Turner also acknowledges a judicious use of makeup, which while performing can be “quite frightening sometimes,” she admits. At home “I’m better off without makeup, because it accentuates my lines.” After her tour ends in June, Turner wants to spend more time with her partner of 14 years, German record executive Erwin Bach, 43, at their homes in France and Switzerland. But she’ll never give up her glamorous ways. “I am vain,” she confesses. “When I look in the mirror, I want to look good to myself.” Her assessment: “I’m kind of okay with how I’m aging.” What’s “kind of” have to do with it?

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