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Tina Fey

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• ON HER FAVORITE SNL EPISODES: “Probably the best show we ever did was the one Christopher Walken hosted in 2000,” says Fey. “That was the show that had ‘Eliàn [Gonzàlez]: The Musical.'” Plus, “it was always good when Alec [Baldwin] would host,” she says of her Rock costar. As for Justin Timberlake‘s stint as host? “We were like, ‘What will this guy be able to do?’ and he absolutely had mad skills—as someone his age might say.”

• ON HER NEW BABY: “She’s excellent. She’s starting to talk a bit. And she’s just starting to blow kisses. Really cute.” Of course that makes it all the harder for Fey to head off to work. “We’ll be shooting and it’s a beautiful day outside and I’ll just think, ‘Aww, Alice is in the park without me,'” says Fey. “But that’s the working parent dilemma.”

• ON HAVING MORE KIDS: “I can’t get my head around it yet. It seems like all we do now is get up, change diapers, go to work, come home [and] go immediately to sleep.”

• ON WHETHER THERE’S EVER MAYHEM ON THE ROCK SET: “Choking of each other? No. What happened over there on Grey’s Anatomy? Get it together! You’ve got great parts, on dramas, and you freak out! Here, where you’d expect trouble, calmness prevails.”