People Staff
September 16, 1996 12:00 PM

As the man at the helm of last year’s Oscar-nominated Dead Man Walking, Tim Robbins proved that he has earned his place in the director’s chair. Unfortunately, as soon as he wanders off a movie set, the poor fella becomes, well, just a Badly Dressed Man Walking. In the opinion of our judges, the 37-year-old live-in love of actress Susan Sarandon (and father of her two sons just can’t seem to put together a winning wardrobe combination. “He’ll get three pieces right in an outfit,” says MTV’s Idalis. “Then one piece will kill him.” So what’s the guy to do? “Be sure his clothes fit,” suggests Holly Robinson Peete. Brit costumer Penny Rose has an even better idea: “Susan Sarandon is fabulously dressed all the time. Maybe she could help him.”

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