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Through the Years

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[This article consists of photograph(s) — Please see hardcopy of magazine or PDF.]

1993 Celebrating her first birthday.

1994 Staying warm on the farm.

1995 Scribbling in her coloring book.

1996 Ready for her close-up.

1997 Working it at a photo shoot.

1998 Playing with her pup Pawnie.

1999 Rocking the pom-poms.

2000 Enjoying a tea party for two.

2001 Posing by the tulips.

2002 Chillin’ in California with Mom.

2003 Visiting “Pappy” in Kentucky.

2004 Hanging out in Tennessee.

2005 Singing at Nashville’s Fan Fair.

2006 Goofing off with Dad in L.A.

2007 Shopping in L.A.