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This Case of Waxy Buildup Marks the Debut of Tony Orlando-Tony Orlando and Dawn-Dawn

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It was the taping of their Feb. 25 show for CBS, and Tony Orlando was eyeing Tony Orlando, and Dawn was meeting Dawn. “Weird,” breathed Tony (third from right). “I mean it was me!” exclaimed an awestruck Telma Hopkins (second from right). “And it will be around when I’m gone.” Only Joyce Vincent Wilson (far left) seemed dubious. “It looked more as if it could be my sister,” she murmured.

Their three rigidly cheerful co-stars were life-size likenesses soon to be enshrined in the Movieland Wax Museum near Disneyland. Voted in by adoring fans of the waxworks, Orlando and Dawn will join 225 other show business heavies on exhibit, including Laurel and Hardy, Shirley Temple, and the entire crew of Star Trek. Sculpted by Logan Fleming, the three figures cost $20,000 to assemble. It was worth every penny. “It’s like turning around,” says Tony, “and seeing myself.”