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November 29, 2004 12:00 PM


AGE: 38

NOW: Dr. Jack Shepard on ABC’s hit drama Lost.

YOU REMEMBER HIM AS: Charlie Salinger (left), the oldest orphan on Party of Five.

WHERE HE’S BEEN: Spending time with his family (wife Margherita and their two children). “I needed to find more of a balance with my work and being a father and husband,” he says.

STAYED HOT BY: Running, surfing and road biking. But, Fox confesses, “I’ve almost made an effort to booze and smoke just to give myself a little more character.”

HE STILL HAS IT: “He’s matured beautifully,” says his Lost costar Evangeline Lilly. “Before, he was just a boy.” Says Fox: “I’m not so baby-faced. I feel like more of a man.”

WHY HE’S HAVING THE TIME OF HIS LIFE: All the pistons are firing both professionally and personally. “I’m in a really great place now,” he says. “I’ve been doing this for 15 years, and I feel like I’m better at it than I’ve ever been.”


AGE: 40

NOW: Roger De Souza on NBC’s LAX.

YOU REMEMBER HIM AS: Lawyer Jonathan Rollins on L.A. Law (left)

WHERE HE’S BEEN: In numerous films and on Sex and the City, playing Miranda’s steamy neighbor. STAYED HOT BY: Focusing on his three children with wife Désirée. “Family time is usually on the weekends. It’s soccer or flag football or just Daddy time. It just keeps everything in perspective,” says Underwood, who regularly cooks pancakes.

HE STILL HAS IT: On-set, “he is beyond charismatic,” says LAX costar Heather Locklear. “And quite the gentleman.”

WHY HE’S HAVING THE TIME OF HIS LIFE: During taping, Underwood and Locklear have been known to spend their lunch hour at Universal Studios’ theme park. “We hit all the rides,” he says. “What a great way to break up the workday: Get wet, get drenched, let wardrobe and hair get mad at you.”


AGE: 49

NOW: The West Wing‘s smoldering Texas congressman with presidential aspirations, Matthew Santos.

YOU REMEMBER HIM AS: Bobby Simone on NYPD Blue (left).

WHERE HE’S BEEN: Doing Shakespeare in New York’s Central Park and shooting Star Wars: Episode III, due out next year.

STAYED HOT BY: Taking up yoga and Pilates and by finding his way back to the footlights. “Being back onstage reminded me why I became an actor,” says Smits. “It’s kind of helped my aura in a lot of ways.”

HE STILL HAS IT: West Wing producer John Wells traveled to New York City to woo Smits back to TV. “Jimmy makes a wonderful candidate for President,” Wells says.

WHY HE’S HAVING THE TIME OF HIS LIFE: “I believe this is meant to be.”


AGE: 38

NOW: Baseball player Conrad Dean on CBS’s Clubhouse, which was put on hiatus for November Sweeps.

YOU REMEMBER HIM AS: Superman on ABC’s Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (below).

WHERE HE’S BEEN: On cable, hosting Ripley’s Believe It or Not! and playing Scott Peterson in USA’s The Perfect Husband.

STAYED HOT BY: Playing sports. “I’m a sports guy,” says Cain, a former pro football player. “I love all kinds—surfing, skiing, baseball, basketball. I play in the NBA Entertainment League.”

HE STILL HAS IT: “There’s something about him that really sort of glows,” says Clubhouse creator Daniel Cerone.

WHY HE’S HAVING THE TIME OF HIS LIFE: He’s devoted to his 4-year-old son with ex-girlfriend Samantha Torres. “I’m sort of reliving my childhood through him,” says Cain.


AGE: 36

NOW: Dr. Jake Hartman on The WB’s Everwood.

YOU REMEMBER HIM AS: Dimple-cheeked Bailey Salinger on Party of Five.

WHERE HFS BEEN: Took to the Broadway stage and appeared in several independent and TV movies.

STAYED HOT BY: Playing hockey, mountain biking and running.

HE STILL HAS IT: “For most of my life I was called cute,” he concedes. “I like that I still look younger than I am, but I like seeing the life I’ve lived on my face.”

WHY HE’S HAVING THE TIME OF HIS LIFE: “I married the woman of my dreams,” says Wolf, who wed Real World alum Kelly Limp in May. “That’s more important to me than work.”

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