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They're All A—Twitter!

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“don’t ever climb on a part of stage where only the lights are supposed to be NOT a human being.”

“Dear itunes…Why don’t you have the entire seasons of Friends? This simply will not suffice. Yours truly, FriendsFanatic008 :I”

“Pop tarts are supposed to be toasted?? Oh :I”

“Watching Jon and Kate Plus 8. Reminds me of Vermont sitting on a couch for 6 hours.”

“Low battery” says my blackberry. I guess ill let it rest. Airport..back to my 2nd favorite place in the world. Vancouver. Goodnight.”

“I grew up thinking hypnotized was spelled with an M. My brain can’t comprehend the fact that there is no such word as ‘hypmotize.’ ”

“Just had a moment where I was so happy, and content with my life…that I cried. Hahaha I feel like a pansy but life is good!:D”

“Used a port-o-potty today. You know..just keepin’ it real;)”

“I’m terrified of swine flu. I’m going to start giving “elbow-fives.” Thoughts?”

“Because that’s what music is all about…inspiring people with your story.”