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They Said It This Year

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“Billy Idol called. He wants his look back.”

JENNIFER ANISTON to Vanity Fair magazine about Brad Pitt‘s blond hair

“I guess we will just pencil you in for the next 16 years.”

—DAVID LETTERMAN to Oprah Winfrey on his show

“I need to be able to go to yoga and just read scripts and go on auditions, because that’s what makes me happy. Like, papers don’t really make me happy.”

MARY-KATE OLSEN to W about why she dropped out of NYU

“Do I have a large frog in my hair?”

—JOAQUIN PHOENIX to a reporter at the premiere of Walk the Line

“I know how to get it off. I watched them put it on. It’s on the Internet. I looked it up.”

—MARTHA STEWART to Vanity Fair about her ankle bracelet

“I haven’t read book in my life.”

—VICTORIA BECKHAM in an interview with Chic magazine

“Glitter was ahead of its time.”