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Their Other Best Friends!

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“We rescued Willie when he was 1,” Selena says of her dog, whose breed is unknown. “He was abandoned in the backyard of my grandmother’s neighbor’s house.” The family has four other dogs: Wallace (a German shepherd and boxer mix, 6); Chip (a Welsh corgi, 6); Fina (a Rhodesian ridgeback, 5); and Chazz, a mutt they rescued from a Puerto Rico beach while filming the Wizards movie. “I’m a huge animal lover,” she explains. “When I live on my own, I think I’ll have five!”


Five years ago the Lovato family inherited Bailey from the dog’s original owner, who happened to be the ex-boyfriend of Demi’s sister Dallas, now 21. “She’s a great dog. She’s adorable,” Demi gushes. “I love her.” What’s not to love? The mixed breed is the perfect companion for Demi to take on long walks on the beach and to snuggle up with in front of the living room TV. So will Bailey be going on tour with Demi this summer? “I wish,” she says. “But she’s a little bit too big for the tour bus. But we just got another dog, named Bella. She’s a shih tzu puppy—we’ll bring her.”