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September 22, 2003 12:00 PM

1 Will Ben and J.Lo have a prenup?

It would be wise, says New York City divorce lawyer Raoul Felder, given Lopez and Affleck’s multimillion-dollar net worths. A prenup “guarantees confidentiality if things break up,” says Felder. But what if they are simply romantics? “Those are the people who need a prenup most!”

2 Does J.Lo need an annulment to be married in the Catholic Church?

Apparently not. When a Catholic priest officiates, the union is considered valid in the eyes of the church; accordingly, an annulment is required before that person can marry again within the church. But when Lopez–who has said she’d like a church wedding–married restaurant manager Ojani Noa in ’97, the ceremony was conducted by clergymen Orlando Lima and David Dolence, who are not recognized by the church, according to the Archdiocese of Miami. That means no annulment is necessary. Ditto for Lopez’s 2001 wedding to Cris Judd, at which an attorney presided.

3 What about the rings?

Access Hollywood reported that Affleck bought Lopez a pink-diamond Harry Winston wedding band to match her famous 6.1-carat engagement ring; his band is simple platinum.

4 Will they start a family?

“I’m really excited about making more time for my personal life,” Lopez told W magazine. Having “a family…I am so looking forward to that.”

5 What have they been up to prior to the Big Day?

On Sept. 5, Affleck and J.Lo joined Sylvester Stallone at the home of their mutual private trainer. Later that day, Lopez stopped in at the trendy Beverly Hills shop Agent Provocateur, where “she spent over $500 on lingerie,” says an observer. Two days later, Jen and Ben had dinner at Mr. Chow in L.A.

6 What about her ex?

Dance choreographer Cris Judd, 34, whose marriage to Lopez ended in 2002 after nine months, will be working in L.A. and will not attend the wedding. But he remains cordial with Lopez, says a source, who adds that J.Lo recently called Judd to ask how he was doing.

7 What will she wear?

The bride is said to be debating between Vera Wang and Valentino. “She sees the next phase of her career as being the new Audrey Hepburn,” says a source–and she may choose to emulate Hepburn’s iconic style too. In a PEOPLE poll of celebrity stylists, Ricci De Martino envisions something “strapless, simple and elegant.” Fati Parsia sees J.Lo forgoing white in favor of “a blush color.” No matter what, predicts Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig, “it will be over-the-top magnificent.”

8 Who is in the wedding party?

It’s looking like a family affair. Best buddy Matt Damon is on the guest list, but Affleck has said that best-man duties will go to his actor brother Casey, 28, Lopez’s sisters Lynda, 32, and Leslie, 35, have served as attendants in her two previous weddings.

9 Why Santa Barbara?

The area has long attracted famous newlyweds. In 1953 JFK and Mrs. Kennedy honeymooned at Montecito’s San Ysidro Ranch, where J.Lo plans to bunk prior to the wedding. (Some guests will be staying at the luxury Bacara Resort nearby.)

10 What did J.Lo really think about Ben’s night at the strip club?

“For me, it wasn’t an issue,” she told W magazine. “We talk every day. I know what he does, he knows what I do. We don’t have those kind of secrets.”

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