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July 26, 1999 12:00 PM

Week of July 26-August 1, 1974

“Movies destroy me as an actress,” Faye Dun-away, 33, told PEOPLE. She recently toured in Master Class.

Early Morning Wake-up Call

New York City local news anchor Jim Hartz, 34, began a three-year run as Barbara Walters’s cohost on Today July 29. He currently hosts Innovation, a PBS science and high technology series, and serves as chairman of the board of commissioners of the Will Rogers Memorial.

A Voice Stilled

Mama Cass Elliot, 33, died in a London apartment July 29. Though initial reports said she choked on a sandwich, the coroner later blamed a heart attack. Among her hits with the ’60s group the Mamas and the Papas: “Monday, Monday,” “Words of Love” and “California Dreamin’.”

For Richard Nixon, The End Is Near

History did not record what Rep. Thomas F. Railsback whispered to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Peter W. Rodino Jr. The committee voted to impeach President Nixon July 27 for abusing power, blocking the Watergate probe and refusing to turn over certain White House tapes.


“Annie’s Song,” John Denver’s tribute to his wife, the former Annie Martell, now 52, was this week’s top tune. He wrote it while separated from his spouse. And though they divorced in 1983, Denver sang the lyrics until his death in a 1997 plane crash at age 53. The song is one of the five most requested at U.S. weddings.

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