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February 01, 1999 12:00 PM

Week of February 1-7, 1974

Role Model

Buffalo Bills running back O.J. Simpson, who set a single-game NFL rushing record of 250 yards in the ’73 season, was given the S. Rae Hickok Award as pro athlete of the year. Commenting at the Feb. 4 ceremony on his upcoming movie role—as a militant in The Klansman—Simpson, 26, said, “My guy represents the violent view, which I happen to believe in. To me the Watts riots were a positive thing.”

Saddle Up

Mel Brooks’s spoof Blazing Saddles, which opened Feb. 7 starring Gene Wilder and the late Cleavon Little (above), told moviegoers why cowboys eat their beans outdoors.

On the Run

On Feb. 4 the Symbionese Liberation Army kidnapped newspaper heiress Patty Hearst, 19, from the Berkeley, Calif., home she shared with fiancé Steven Weed (left). During her 19 months as a semi-willing captive, Hearst took a new name, Tanya, and a new job, bank robber. After two years in jail, she married her bodyguard, Bernard-Shaw. The mother of two has acted in four films by John Waters. Weed is single and works in real estate in California.

Let the Good Times roll

Jimmie Walker’s cry of “Dy-No-Mite” endeared the comic (left, with John Amos) to fans of the CBS sitcom Good Times. It premiered Feb. 1. with Esther Rolle, who died last November; Walker still makes TV appearances.


The Way She Was

Barbra Streisand’s recording of The Way We Were’s theme song ruled the airwaves this week, and her star turn in the film, with Robert Redford (right), would earn her an Oscar nomination later this month. The song won an Oscar, but Streisand lost to Glenda Jackson for A Touch of Class.

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