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The Way We Were

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Week of May 17-23, 1974

“I feel I’ve gotten a pretty bad shake in this country,” Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt, 55, told PEOPLE. Now living in Miami, Hunt says, “Today’s Republicans are pretty wimpy.”

Boys Will Be Boys

Clint Eastwood had the star power when Thunderbolt and Light-foot opened May 22, but Jeff Bridges got more kudos for this classic buddy flick. As the flighty drifter Lightfoot, he persuades former thief Thunderbolt (Eastwood) to rob again. The role earned Bridges an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. (His most recent film, Arlington Road, opens this summer.) Eastwood, who won an Oscar for directing 1992’s Unforgiven, recently starred in True Crime.

Defeat of a Small Terrorist Army

At least 1,000 rounds of ammunition were exchanged as police battled the Symbionese Liberation Army outside a Los Angeles auto-towing yard May 17. Authorities initially believed kidnapped heiress Patty Hearst was among five victims burned beyond recognition in the ensuing fire, but she remained at large as a suspected terrorist until her Sept. 18, 1975 arrest by the FBI.


MAY 23, 1974

Jewel (Kilcher)


The 23rd Miss USA pageant made a winner out of both Karen Jean Morrison, 19, of Illinois, and CBS, which scored the week’s highest ratings May 18. Married 20 years with four children, Karen Jean Comstock now works as a teacher’s aide in her home state following a year spent helping AIDS patients in Kenya.