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The U.S. Hockey Team's Cinderella Story Continues at Mark Johnson's Wedding

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At 89° it sure wasn’t hockey weather in Madison, Wis., and a white cutaway was hardly more comfortable than pads and jersey. But two weeks ago, when Mark Johnson, 22, married his high school sweetheart, Leslie Ann Schorr, also 22, the old team spirit brought 12 of his buddies on the U.S. hockey team together for the first time since their stunning victory at the Winter Olympics last February.

They were different now—blooded on the talk show, commercial endorsement and pro hockey circuits—but they seemed to check their new sophistication at the door. When Mark and Leslie kissed, after promising to “share our victories and overcome our defeats,” there was loud applause. The officiating minister at Bethel Lutheran Church, the Rev. Robert Borgwardt, complimented the 700 guests for turning out “not only in moments of public triumph but also in quiet moments of dedication.” Then it was time for a beery celebration at Blackhawk Country Club, where gold medal speed skater Eric Heiden was welcomed as a boyhood friend of the groom.

These young men’s lives had of course changed. The best evidence was the vigilant presence of Art Kaminsky, agent-attorney for Heiden and the hockey team, who warned his clients to stow their beer bottles while being photographed to avoid giving free plugs. But as Mark, who has a three-year, $250,000 contract with the Pittsburgh Penguins, and Leslie, a University of Pittsburgh junior, left for a honeymoon in Lake Tahoe. Johnson’s Olympic teammate Mike Eruzione acknowledged an unjaded belief in the Cinderella story: “I think this is the most exciting thing that has happened to me since Lake Placid.”