People Staff
May 07, 2001 12:00 PM

When you’re 16, spilling a little blood—even if it’s blue—is hardly a problem. Attending a party at a friend’s country home on April 5, Prince Harry suffered a freak accident after another guest threw open a door, and Harry put his foot out to stop it from swinging back. “Unfortunately, he pushed too hard and his foot went through a pane of glass at the base of the door,” says a Palace spokesman. Treated on the spot by his bodyguards for a cut just above the shoe line, the prince was taken to a local hospital the next day, where he received several stitches. “He’s fine, in good spirits,” says the spokesman. “It was a fairly minor incident.”

Clearly it didn’t faze the young prince. Two days later Harry hobbled on crutches into London’s Twickenham Stadium to root for England’s rugby team against France’s. (The home team won, 48-19.) Harry, now back at Eton after Easter break, is no stranger to injury. Last November he underwent minor surgery to repair a thumb bone chipped playing soccer. When he was 11, he was seen by doctors twice in less than 24 hours, after a fall on the ski slopes of Klosters, Switzerland. And earlier this month he ended up on his royal rear on the same slopes. This time Harry wasn’t hurt, but according to columnist Nigel Dempster of Britain’s Daily Mail, he let out such “a string of expletives…the air turned blue.”

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