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The Total Package / Eva Longoria

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Eva Longoria

Longoria, 31, launched her big-screen career this year, packing heat as a Secret Service agent in her new film The Sentinel. And this sexy, sassy, smart star shoots from the hip.

SHE ISN’T VAIN: “Makeup artists always want to fill in the scar on my left eyebrow, but I never let them. I like imperfections.”

SHE’S A TRENDSETTER: “She’s really changed the way women on the red carpet look at color,” says stylist Robert Verdi. “She’s like, ‘No black!'”

SHE’S PRACTICAL: “I go to work in my pj’s. I just have to get undressed again.”

SHE’S HONEST: “I’m lazy. If I’m tired, I don’t want to wash my face at the end of the day. ”