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The Sexiest Man Alive 1997

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You knew it all along: One is not enough. This year’s Sexiest Man Alive, of course, is the guy who most dramatically raises female pulses. But is he Mr. Everything? Every day? In every mood? The 11 men who previously wore PEOPLE’S crown (see gatefold) were one-man shows. But life abounds with choices. That’s why for the first time we have made the Sexiest Man Alive a special issue.

In addition to a detailed report on our cover subject, you’ll find a dazzling gallery of achievers chosen by PEOPLE as the sexiest in their fields. We also identify the best celebrity boyfriends, ask a panel of screen sirens to tell us what they look for in a man and coax other stars into revealing their own, often surprising, candidates for Sexiest Man.

So enjoy this smorgasbord of stunners. Dreams don’t come packaged more delightfully.