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The Real Housewives' Rumble Bada Bang!

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Teresa Giudice grabbed the headlines for her furious table-flip on the season finale of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey. But Caroline Manzo was the one who really turned the tables on a season’s worth of juicy Jersey drama. For weeks bad girl Danielle Staub, 46, had been fuming at Manzo’s little sister Dina, 37, convinced that Dina had told everyone in their North Jersey town about an out-of-print book entitled Cop Without a Badge, filled with details of Danielle’s sketchy past—including allegations of kidnapping and prostitution (which Danielle denies). Yet in a twist that left tempers flaring and stemware flying, Caroline, 47, revealed, “I’m the one who told.”

Nearly a year after filming that confrontation, both women are still reeling from the aftershocks. The tension between Danielle and Caroline remains so thick, Caroline refuses to be interviewed or photographed in the same room as her—even as they both pose at the Manzo family banquet facility, the Brownstone. “She’s invisible to me,” says Caroline. “She has no conscience. She has no morals.” Responds Danielle: “I think she’s a big bully. I’m so sick of her throwing me under the bus!”

In other words, time away from the cameras has made matters even worse, as seen in the tearful arguments displayed on not one, but two Housewives reunion specials. The duo still can’t agree on the facts. Caroline: “Dina never had the book in her possession. Ever.” Danielle: “She’s lying.” She adds, “Say ‘I’m sorry.’ I think we owe it to the world to get through this.” But an apology, Caroline says, “is not coming. I will never have a relationship with her.”

She’s not the only one. Danielle’s sole Housewives friend, Jacqueline Laurita, has cut her off completely. So where does that leave things for a possible season 2? Bravo has yet to confirm it will happen, but Danielle thinks the quintet could do some healing “and have some fun together.” Or maybe not. “She needs help,” says Caroline. “I’m sorry she came into my life.”