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The PEOPLE Pinboard

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Retro RiRi

Rihanna‘s collection featured acid-wash denim, bare midriffs and a Baywatch-style swimsuit. Any more 80’s and it would have a toaster-size cell phone.

Boyish (George) Figure

The Culture Club singer loses weight with a diet that cuts out bread, snacks and sugar. Fortunately it allows for plenty of makeup.

Still Single, Y’all!

Britney’s “romantic” Valentine’s Day dinner? Turns out it lasted barely half an hour-and cost $60. Some dinner dates just are that innocent. are that innocent.

Downton‘s Body Count Rising

Potential new Lord of the Abbey Matthew Crawley bites the dust in the season finale. Note to Downton actors: If your character becomes a new parent, your days may be numbered.

Pippa’s New Pal

After dating blue bloods, Princess Kate‘s sis brings a new beau, stockbroker and commoner Nico Jackson, on family vacation. At least he’s from a corgi-free family.

Brad Goggles

Brad and Angelina introduce Miraval, a rosé made from the organic grapes on their French estate. Drinking it won’t make you as attractive as they are, but it might have that effect on your date.