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The PEOPLE Pinboard

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Hurts So Good?

John Mellencamp gets a shiner from his teenage son. Proof that there is indeed a Father’s Day present worse than socks.

Pol Position

Carey Mulligan is the frontrunner to play young Hillary Clinton in the biopic Rodham. And frontrunners always get the job – just ask …

Good Sport

Kate Middleton‘s uncle plans to gift her baby shares of the Chelsea Football Club. Very thoughtful: Nothing guarantees hours of sleep like soccer.

Happy Ending

After fretting onstage that she lost her engagement ring, Kelly Clarkson later tweets that she found it. That sound you hear is her fiancé’s sigh of relief.

Butler Did It

Gerard Butler dumps a bucket of ice down his pants on a German game show. Either that or, man, did he botch that Cocktail II audition.

Johnny on the Spot

John Malkovich saves a stranger who fell and cut his neck by compressing the wound with his scarf. Luckily he’s a trained EMT: Emergency Medical Thespian.