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The PEOPLE Pinboard

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Double Vision

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen sport similar outfits and matching emotions at a Knicks game. This would be absolutely adorable … if they were 3.

Is This Thing Charged?

Sean “Diddy” Combs plays the first black character on Downton Abbey in a Funny or Die spoof. He’d have to rough it to get by on as few valets as Lord Grantham.

Scandal du Jour

In the finale of ABC’s poli-soap, Kerry Washington’s Olivia discovers the President is a murderer while the world learns she’s his lover. At least one Commander-in-Chief had a worse week than Obama.

Blue By You

Jennifer Lawrence reveals her Mystique look for the new X-Men movie. Of all her makeovers, this one’s the most Smurftastic.

Jones Family Values

The Mad Men star says she ate her son’s placenta, but won’t reveal his father’s identity. Fine, January, as long as you don’t keep your dinner-party ingredients secret.

Garner Support

On SNL Ben Affleck‘s wife ribs him for calling their marriage “work.” Then they skipped the afterparty and went straight to Home Depot.