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Death Becomes Him

After his Downton Abbey demise, Dan Stevens emerges slimmer, dark-haired and mustachioed. Could he return as Matthew Crawley’s evil twin?

No More Dunder Mifflin

After nine seasons, The Office officially wraps. Now you’ll have to rely on your actual coworkers for cringe-worthy moments.

Sexiest Man (In Rollers)

Bradley Cooper looks like he’s getting a perm on his latest movie project. It’s not yet titled, but word is he’s playing the lead in a Shirley Temple biopic.

Yes, But Is It Bad at Breaking?

The ’84 Tercel owned by Breaking Bad’s Jesse is now up for auction at an Albuquerque car lot. At least we know something survives the finale.

No Tying Her Down

Emma Watson nixes rumors she’ll play Anastasia in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. That’s good because in Gryffindor, there are no safe words.

Mission for Mars

Fans raise $2 million on Kickstarter for a film version of Kristen Bell‘s cult TV show Veronica Mars. The success has inspired her newest project: Hey, Pay for My Nursery!


Five years after learning to swim, former Family Feud host Louie Anderson high-dives on ABC’s Splash. Survey says: Bring a poncho.