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The PEOPLE Pinboard

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Buh-Bye, Ben’s Beard!

Hours after winning the Best Picture Oscar, Affleck shaved his good-luck whiskers at a West Hollywood restaurant. And no-it didn’t show up on the specials menu the next day.

Another Kitty for Katy?

Katy Perry tweeted that John Mayer took her to a kitten shelter. Congrats, John, you found a cheaper date than Adam Levine!

London Calling

After two months in L.A. for awards season, Adele headed back to the U.K. Maybe her next album will be about her heart-wrenching breakup with the sun.

Color Confusion

Miley Cyrus dyed her hair blue but claimed on Twitter that it’s “platinum.” So does this make Marge Simpson’s hair dirty blonde?

Family von Trapped

Kansas City firefighters had to rescue Modern Family stars Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson from a jammed hotel elevator. Somewhere in Missouri there’s a cat still stuck in a tree.

As the Worm Turns

Dennis Rodman visited North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Is he a not-so-secret spy? Those who think he’s not up for it clearly never saw Celebrity Mole: Yucatan.

Adam’s Cheap Dates

Adam Levine confessed that he likes to take first dates to McDonald’s while wearing a tux. “This explains everything,” said his dry cleaner.