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The PEOPLE Pinboard

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The Marrying Kind

Kelly Clarkson wants Brandon Blackstock to “put a ring on it.” Let’s hope she doesn’t wait a lifetime for a moment like that.

Feel the Burn, Not the Age

Jane Fonda will release a new yoga DVD this month, weeks before her 75th birthday.

Where’s Michelle?

You Got It, Dudes

The day after Thanksgiving, John Stamos tweets a photo with Bob Saget. And you thought you had a Full House.


Ugg Life

In a tell-all, Uggie from The Artist admits to killing a cat as a young pup. As for that spot on the rug, he had nothing to do with it.

Miranda’s New Aim

Lambert opens Pink Pistol, a Tishomingo, Okla., shop that sells “just about everything”-including reason to visit Tishomingo.


Real Estate-o Confundus!

Like magic, Harry Potter scribe J.K. Rowling sells her Edinburgh mansion for more than $3.6 million in a down market.

Shake It, Mama!

One secret to Jessica Simpson‘s post-baby diet: smoothies. (Blended margaritas don’t count.)