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The PEOPLE Pinboard

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1-D in 3-D

Tentative title for One Direction’s upcoming movie: The Attack of Harry’s Hair.

Is This Turkey Leg On?

Nicole Westbrook’s “It’s Thanksgiving”-from the minds behind “Friday”-goes viral.

Gym, Talk, Laundry

Vinny from Jersey Shore (the thinker in the group) gets his own MTV chat-fest.

We Are Never Ever Ever …(Never Mind!)

Last week Justin and Selena were split; this week they hung out in L.A. Young, fickle love.

Paso Doble on Over to the Buffet!

Dancing with the Stars-themed cruises will set sail in 2013.

Dame Barbie

As Liz Taylor, she’s more convincing than Lindsay Lohan.

Desperate Hairstyles

No, Eva Longoria isn’t doing a Kris Jenner biopic; it’s a wig in a Twitter pic.