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November 27, 2006 12:00 PM

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They play not-quite-ordinary people on their hit show. The actors chat about fame—before and after—and their own heroic ambitions.

• If I could have a superhero power, it would be … “super metabolism,” says Grunberg.

• Women always ask me … “if I can introduce them to Adrian [Pasdar],” says Oka. “My answer: ‘He’s married.'”

• People would be surprised to know … “I did ballet for three years,” says Cabrera. “Leotards and the whole thing.”

• What’s gotten easier now that you’re famous? Says Ventimiglia: “My friends making fun of me.”



AGE: 26

STATUS: Single

HOMETOWN: Born in Vancouver; resides in Hong Kong

One of Asia’s biggest stars—an actor, a clothing designer, store owner and rapper—Chen is now taking on America, acting in the horror film The Grudge 2 and collaborating with Kanye West. Here, he reveals what scares him and what turns him on.

• I’m afraid of … “spiders—have been since I was little. In Hong Kong there are not many spiders.”

• Men don’t make passes at women who … “think they’re all that!”

• The best song to make out to is … “‘Save Room,’ by John Legend.”



AGE: 31

STATUS: Single

HOMETOWN: Born in Melbourne; currently divides his time between Los Angeles and London

On his TLC show, Stone approaches women in grocery stores and offers to go home with them and cook. Here’s his sexy supermarket shopping guide.

• Sexiest aisles? “Fresh fruit, shellfish, chocolate.”

• Best aphrodisiacs? “Chocolate is one of the sexiest things in the market. Also chili pepper, oysters, champagne.”

• Secret ingredient? “Fresh vanilla is amazing. It even works with seafood.”

• Kitchen essential? “I always peek in a woman’s freezer. The more ice cream, the more it impresses me.”



AGE: 28

STATUS: Single

HOMETOWN: Los Angeles; currently lives in New York City

He plays an earnest lawyer who believes in love and destiny on ABC’s Six Degrees. In real life, he’s just as romantic.

• Women seem to like … “my smile.”

• I believe in … “fate and destiny. When you’re supposed to make a connection, you do, and when you’re not, you don’t.”

• The best place to meet someone is … “a bookstore. If they’re reading some off-the-wall weird stuff, you might not want to be involved with that person.”

• A great night out means … “a little dive bar. I like playing pool. I like a jukebox. It’s relaxing, not pretentious.”

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