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The Mini: Skirts (Again) Go Thigh High

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[Three Thumbs Up]
Darling, if you wear a mini, don’t fidget. “Short skirts are okay, even at her age,” says Beasley of Faye Dunaway, 46, “because she has nice legs.” Vittadini was mad for this look—”strong, sexy, simple.” Scaasi quibbled that he was fed up with leather coats and said Dunaway was perpetuating her Bonnie and Clyde gunmoll image. Ford walks a fine line: “She’s fabulous; this is not.”

[Four Thumbs Down]
Assessing Justine Bateman, Vittadini got past the “too short, too tight” dress to complain about the busy earring-sunglasses combo. Scaasi gave the shoes a 2. “A little outré” says Cassini diplomatically. “An Ace bandage,” proffers one judge. Ford doesn’t pussyfoot. “It looks like a long girdle,” he says.

[Three Thumbs Down]
This can happen, Princess Stephanie, when you “read all the magazines and put it together wrong,” warns Scaasi. “A mish-mash,” says Vittadini, adding the always useful tip that “textured stockings are passé.” Janowitz found the outfit “terrible. It looks like she threw on a jacket to go to the 7-Eleven.” But Ford likes the eclectic mix, calling it “a pretty good outfit.”

[One Thumbs Up]
“This is bad. Esther Williams in a bathing suit,” sniffs Vittadini of Cyndi Lauper. “Trendy, but a mess,” says Scaasi. “It has nothing to do with fashion,” volunteers Cassini, abstaining. Still, some judges thought Lauper’s style was okay. “I don’t know what it is, but it’s cute,” says Janowitz.

[Four Thumbs Up]
Farrah Fawcett “has an image to unmake, and she’s coming out a very elegant woman from a girl who was a jiggler,” says Ford. The sleek new look rated “a 10 all the way” from Vittadini, right up to the mysterious shades. “Pulled together,” says Scaasi. “Fine,” says Cassini. “Very tasteful and movie-starlike,” says Janowitz. “Not very interesting, though.”

[Three Thumbs Up]
Once she’s out of the solemn Yuppie duds she wears on L.A. Law, Susan Dey is a regular party girl. “Cute and with it,” says Scaasi. “I like this. It looks like it’s from an Audrey Hepburn film,” says Janowitz. “These girls all wear their hair the same way,” growls Cassini. “But the dress is fine.” Only Vittadini returned a verdict of guilty, declaring the outfit “badly proportioned and a bad mix of fabric.” Case closed.