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The Men of The Avengers: Hot Heroes

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Chris Evans

PLAYS: Captain America

Which Avenger would win at poker? “Scarlett [Johansson],” says Evans, 30. Golf? “Sam.” A street fight? “Hemsworth, but I’d give him a run for his money!”

Jeremy Renner

PLAYS: Hawkeye

“You got banged around every day,” says Renner, 41. “Scarlett and I beat each other up pretty good. I love getting beaten up by Scarlett. Wouldn’t you?”

Chris Hemsworth


Expecting his first child with wife Elsa Pataky, “I’m taking all the advice I can get,” says the Aussie, 28. “[Robert] said becoming a father is the hardest, most rewarding ride of your life.”

Robert Downey Jr.

PLAYS: Iron Man

The actors considered Downey, 47, their unofficial leader. He’s not so sure: “Ruffalo, weren’t you the one throwing the roof parties?”

Mark Ruffalo

PLAYS: The Hulk

“It’s a funny group. There was a lot of backslapping, punching, wrestling,” says Ruffalo, 44. But he based the Hulk’s pent-up energy on son Keen, 10, “a force of nature.”

Samuel L. Jackson

PLAYS: Nick Fury

Jackson, 63, says there’s a simple reason why Downey became the gang’s alpha male: “He had the plane!”