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The Marrying Kind

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May 21, 2005

For their first trip to the altar, Boris Kodjoe took Nicole Parker, his costar on UPN’s now canceled Second Time Around, to Gundelfingen, his hometown in Germany’s Black Forest. After being with the 32-year-old Kodjoe for two years, “I can understand German,” says Parker, 34, “but I still talk like a child.” Ah, but do you sprechen romance? The marriage, on a clear day after a week of rain, was celebrated in the same church where Kodjoe was baptized (the couple’s daughter, Sophie, 3 months, was carried down the aisle by a nanny). For the reception, 1,200 candles lit the garden of his childhood home. And the wedding cake was supplemented by linzer torte baked by his 87-year-old grandmother. The night before, the couple whooped it up with a traditional German Polterabend—when dishes are smashed in celebration. Parker: “I broke a basketful of plates.” Kodjoe: “I swept everything up.” An excellent start.



May 21, 2005

It was unbelievably beautiful,” says actor Kevin Weisman, 34, of his Atherton, Calif., wedding to L.A. preschool teacher Jodi Tanowitz, 24. It was a traditional Jewish service; Weisman, who plays tech whiz Marshall Flinkman on ABC’s Alias, says, “A very emotional moment for me was when Jodi walked around me seven times,” a customary part of the ceremony. But there were a couple of twists too, including Weisman’s recitation of an Eskimo love song. Then blue martinis were served at the reception, where the groom’s own rock band Trainwreck played a few numbers, with Weisman pounding the drums to the themes from Flashdance and Footloose. “All ages were on the dance floor. My bride rocked out!”



May 21, 2005

Ray Housteau and Deana Shane had no trouble agreeing on a theme for their wedding at Trinity United Methodist Church in Youngstown, Ohio: The Amazing Race, the CBS show that made them celebrities. The bridesmaids’ dresses and the flowers invoked the show’s color scheme, yellow and red, and the couple entered the reception to its theme music. Divorced with two sons, Housteau, 44, an entrepreneur, solidified an on-and-off relationship with Shane, 27, during the series. By the time they lost during a footrace in Botswana, “I realized I’m never going to find a better fit,” he says. The wedding was also attended by Amazing Race faces including newlyweds Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich (right), a bridesmaid. Sweetest moment? When Housteau’s sister Charlene Kozak read a poem: “Amazingly you came in seventh, but amazingly you won much more—you won each other!”